Types of Tiles

There are many different types of tiles that work best for different spaces, areas and uses. CERAMIC A ceramic tile is generally only used these days on wall applications only. It is a softer lighter material than porcelain, and not as dense either. That’s why I only recommend ceramic tiles on walls. PORCELAIN A porcelain tiles if a much denser material. They have been fired up at a much higher temperature and… Read More

Top 5 tips to select the perfect tile

Today I going to reveal my top 5 tips to ensure you select the perfect tile to make your next project a success! 1. Overall Space This is were we look at the size of the area eg if you have a small bathroom space we want it to look larger than what it is, therefore this will determine where we go from here. 2. Layout This is were we can give… Read More

Extra things to consider when selecting tiles

After years in the tiles industry I have the knowledge and experience to give you some extra tips of very important things to consider when choosing the perfect tile for your project. Texture & Finish Of Tiles What finish do you choose? Do I go for a natural honed finish, a polish finish or a textured finish? I will advise on what’s best to choose and why! Size & Format Tiles Tiles… Read More