Top 5 tips to select the perfect tile

Today I going to reveal my top 5 tips to ensure you select the perfect tile to make your next project a success!
1. Overall Space
This is were we look at the size of the area eg if you have a small bathroom space we want it to look larger than what it is, therefore this will determine where we go from here.
2. Layout
This is were we can give you professional advise before starting your renovation on Layout. Placement of your vanity, toilet, shower, neches and feature walls, as well as other areas of your house such as kitchen, lounge room, dining room etc etc…
3. Amount of Natural light
This will were we can provide you with some valuable information on what mood we want to set and create in your home.
4. Choosing the right Colour
After considering all of the above we can now move onto choosing our colours…choosing the right colour is were a lot of my customers struggle with my interior design expertise in over 20 years I can help you achieve what defines your personality, who you are and your personal style.
5. Design / Style of Tiles
Weather your renovating or building a new home, this is were we need to choose the style of tiles, weather it being a Contemporary Modern Look, Hampton’s Style, Classic Look etc