Extra things to consider when selecting tiles

After years in the tiles industry I have the knowledge and experience to give you some extra tips of very important things to consider when choosing the perfect tile for your project.
Texture & Finish Of Tiles
What finish do you choose? Do I go for a natural honed finish, a polish finish or a textured finish? I will advise on what’s best to choose and why!
Size & Format Tiles
Tiles come in all sorts of sizes and formats, depending on the look and style your after, as well as taking into consideration the fall of water to the drains…
Laying Of Tiles
Advise is given on how tiles are laid…weather being vertical or horizontal as well as advise on what will suit the space to achieve the look your after.
Feature Wall Tiles
This is a question I often get asked…is it required or do you have enough happening in the space already?
Reveal Time
Investing in My Tiles & Stone Consulting and during our journey together, I will answer all your questions, give you professional advise and create a space that meets all your needs in creating a space that defines you and your personal style!
Armed with these tips you are sure to enjoy the process and produce an amazing finished product for your next project.